Jonas Brothers Live Webcast: YEAH!

9:44 PM

Heyya! You know what?!!!!

Tadi pagi buta aku ikutan Jonas Brothers Live webcast looh! Haha. Actually, the webcast is at August 22nd 2 pm. But in Indonesia it's about 1 am until 2 am August 23th!

Yeahhh! I can't speak when Nick singing Love Is On It's Way!! Awesome, Nick! haha. Beside Love Is On Its Way, they're also sing Hey Baby, What Did I Do To Your Heart and Demi Lovato's song: Catch Me. Well, at the end of our live webcast, I took some printscreens :

Yeah, that's all from me. If you missed this webcast, you can watch it at JonasLIVE tab on facebook or maybe watch it on YouTube.

P.S: I'm sorry with my English LOL

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