7:02 PM

Hell-o bloggey!

aaaaaaa miss ya so much, fellas! Really-really looong time no post.

By the way, now I come with my newest haircut

Oh yeah fellas, I had sooooo much fun, no I mean assignment, pffffh, so tired. My teacher told me and the other students to join a project at thinkquest.org, OK I join the project, then me and my group have to choose the topic that we want to disscuss, about environment. We've to make the artice, the animation, presentation, interwiew and short movie. Gaaaaaah imaginee!! It's too much, fellas! T-O-O M-U-C-H

So, because I had a lot of assignment, I've to end my post today, 'cause ya know I've to make, ummm... first is my presentation

Once more, adieu!

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