One Stop Sharing - 49 JHS Children's Day Celebration

7:07 AM

I'm sooooo glad 49 JHS celebrate the Children's Day! We called the event "ONE STOP SHARING" Yeah 2 years ago they celebrate it too but with the different programs. 2 years ago, we went to school without uniform, I mean we use the other clothes except uniform. It's free, up to you! We brought a present and exchange it with the others. But this year, we celebrate it by inviting Raditya Dika to our school. You know that person uh? He's a writer of an-absurd-book HAHA peace ma bro! We held a talkshow with him and with Ayunda, and 8th grader of 49 JHS that has wrote 10 books!! WOW that's crazy!! 10 books! Well, then we continue with the other things, forgot it HAHA. Yeah just wanna show you the pics I have a lot, btw haha ;D


Photo Courtesy: Me, Aliyyaa Afra and Mutia Salma

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