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Yeah, I've been waiting myself to post this topic. Well, lemme tell you first,
A ROCKET TO THE MOON is my favorite band!! Maybe some of you are already know about this band. But if you don't, I'll tell you.

I'm going to recommend you some of their songs

Look at these videos covered by ARTTM. Cool!!!!!

Biilionaire - Covered by ARTTM

Forever and Always - Covered by ARTTM

And these are some pics of ARTTM. Just click at the picture if you want to enlarge it ;D

I hope ARTTM read this post, and if they do read this post, I've something that I really want to say, "PLEASE COME TO INDONESIA". Yeah, that's all :D

And for Indonesian MOONSTER (we called ARTTM's fans as MOONSTER), you can follow the official twitter at @ARTTMindonesia and tumblr http://arttmindonesia.tumblr.com AND LET US SPREAD THIS ARTTM VIRUS IN INDONESIA ;D

I dunno what to say more, but at last,

If you don't like this band, PLEASE just dislike it, don't be a haters. Cause all the haters I swear they look sooooooo small from up here. You don't want to be hated by the other right? Well, don't be a hater!!! Bcs it's just the same with this statement: you've to respect the other if you want to be respected by the other.


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