People of Cluj-Napoca (1)

6:28 AM

So yesterday I met this old man who paints a really nice picture near Piata Unirii. He wore that green dungarees with paints splattered all over it. He had all of his painting stuff on the ground and was seriously painting a yellow building just across the boulevard. He paints so good that it was so surreal. I asked him if may took some pictures of him and he was nicely smiling to my camera and we started talking. He said that he is just a street artist who do this for money, but I don't think so. He talked intelligently and he even know where Indonesia is, he knows things about Bali and Jakarta while most of people here still ask me the exact location of Indonesia. He wishes to be able to see the land of paradise, Bali and paint it on his canvas. Oh, it was such a short nice conversation with him.

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