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Have you ever been dreaming of something and one day that dream just come true? Well, when I was little I have a dream to at least watch a concert of an artist/ band that I really like abroad and experience the different atmosphere and euphoria. That time I was dreaming about watching Jonas Brothers's concert LOL (Yes, I was around 11 years old that time).

That dream is of course just a dream, why would my parents fund me to go abroad just to watch a concert? 

But then the law of attraction seems so right! Now that I never stop dreaming  of all of my dreams, the universe is also never stops to make my dreams come true. Remember that I am in Romania right now to do a project with AIESEC? Yup, I am now staying in the city that has been awarded as the "European Youth Capital 2015", call it as Cluj-Napoca (or just Cluj for short). Cluj is so full of young people and I can even feel the hype and the spirit in every air that I breathe. No exaggeration, but this is kinda true! I'll write another post about the Cluj spirit after.

Alright, since Cluj is the current city of Youth Capital in Europe, they sure have loads of events or festival coming up every day. One of them is this huuuuge festival called UNTOLD FESTIVAL.  It's a 4 days music festival, they officially call it as an electronic dance music festival, but personally for me it is not just about EDM musics... They also have some soul, RnB and a little bit of pop artist in their lineup.

Untold Festival 2015 is the first concert ever been held and since it is becoming a huge success, they will hold a second batch of festival next year (of course)! Untold for me is like the Romanian version of Tomorrowland. If Tomorrowland could reach up to 300.000 visitors, well Untold isn't that bad. In its first year of the festival, it's been recorded that they have 240,000 visitors during the whole 4 days!  Even Indonesia's best EDM festival, Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) highest record has only 50,000 visitors. 

Untold Festival Day 1

July 30th, I went to the Cluj Arena to exchange the ticket that I already bought for a bracelet at around 4PM. I went there with my Lebanese and Ukrainian friends Jihane and Diana, which are my roommates and we were sooo excited! We went there by cab and I can see every youngster in the city are wearing this Untold bracelet on their wrist, means that they're all going to Untold. It was sooo fun, we were like Untold family and even we didn't know each other we will still smile, greet or high-five each other. This is the European Youth Spirit!!

Look who's on stage!!

Tom Odell on Untold Festival 2015
Those are photos of the first performer I watched on Untold, yes, Tom Odell!! He's sooooo lovely and we sang along :) Even though he is not the main attraction on the first day of Untold (the main artists on the 1st day was Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike), but he was the highlight of my first day.  And ooh, not forget to mention Lost Frequencies too! He was playing during the sunset and the vibes were so chill! 
Credits to: Iulius Mall Cluj-Napoca
I personally really like that candid photo of me. So, it was taken right before I went to see Tom Odell. I was just chilling at the hammocks with Diana, Iwona, Walid and Jihane... my friends from Ukraine, Poland, Morocco and Lebanon. I accidentally found this photo of me on Iulius Mall's facebook and instagram pictures 3 weeks after the concert! LOL 

Untold Festival Day 2

Second day of Untold was all about spending quality time with friends. That day, we went to the festival wearing our own flags and people were giving us high-five as a friendship gesture. It felt sooo nice, the Romanians, well, mainly people in Cluj are really welcome to foreigners.

My team mates and I were representing our countries on Untold Festival

Selfie in the middle of Avicii-- with more and more international friends from the other projects
Besides Avicii, I was sooo happy to finally be able to see Cazzette live, hear their song "Together" and dance to the song with the other friends. Also, Aron Chupa killin' it too, even after Avicii's performance!

People were having fun with Avicii!
Untold Festival Day 3

I went a bit different for the third day. That day I wasn't with my friends from my project. I made an appointment with Anastasia and Casian, my Romanian friends that I first met on an AIESEC event called Global Village (I'll write about Global Village too, later). 

Casian - Ana - me - Tudor
I arrived at the Central Park around 7 PM and I already heard it's John Newman playing on the stage. I was so excited to see him live even though I probably late for like 30 minutes or so. I called Ana and she said she's inside the Cluj Arena already so I went inside and trying to find where Ana was. And voila, thank God! Among thousands of people inside the arena, I finally met her :) We screamed and hugged and then I met her brother too, Casian. And they both introduced me to their friends, loads of friends and some of them are Tudor, the dancing machine and Iulia, who likes to scream during the concert LOL. It was a nice time, and they are all so nice! We also went to see Tinie Tempah and Armin Van Buuren!

FYI, Armin played for more than 3 hours and a half! He was playing until the sun is literally up! 

I took this photo from the tribune during Armin Van Buuren, he was playing for more than 3 and half hours and I can't stand it so I went to the tribune LOL
Untold Festival Day 4

The vibes inside the Cluj Arena
Fourth day of Untold marks the end of the festival. And this day I went with Ana and Casian again, they were so nice, they went to my dorm and then we took bus together. First stop was the Piata Unirii, because we wanted to see one of the Untold stages with the rock bands playing. But since we were late, we missed the band's performances.

Since we missed the"'Rocking Stage", that's what they call it anyway, we just went straight to Cluj Arena for the Untold Fest. And ooh, before that we met some of Ana's and Casi's friends too, so we went together.

Tujamo on stage
Guetta on stage, finally
This day we saw Tujamo, Third Party and of course, we were waiting for the final show which is David Guetta. Though honestly Guetta is not my favorite, but yeah, I just went with the flow and spend time with friends. And ooh... Finally the closing, the fireworks lasts for, like, around 10 minutes non-stop. And it was sooo great! 

The fireworks. That's it. That's the end of the 4 days of magic in the heart of Transylvania. Though I basically don't really enjoy EDM musics because for me it is too loud, but all I think about is the time and memories I spend with my friends. Of course I'll never experience the exact same thing back in my country. And anyway, one mission "go to a concert abroad" is finally accomplished!! :)

I wish I could see you again, Untold 2016!


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