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Well, I just arrived at home from 2 bookstores in my town and I feel regret, because I didn't buy Burnin Up Book since it out at the bookstore. and now I'm running out the book. But I'll try to search it again and again in the other bookstore. I hope that they still sell that book. And now, I just want to share my favorite music (by this time) with you.

1. Turn Right - Jonas Brothers

This Song is the 11th song in their brand new album Lines, Vines and Trying Times that has jusr released at June 16th 2009. I love this song because the lyrics is so deep for me.

"I could pick up all your tears, throw em in your backseat, leave without a second glance"

"Turn right into my arms, Turn right you won't be alone"

2. One Time - Justin Bieber

First, I know this song from the related video on and then my friends at school discuss about Justin Bieber and then I follow Justin Bieber's twitter and then I think that this song is cool (and Justin Bieber too)

"Your world is my world, And my fight is your fight, my breath is your breath, And your heart and now I've got my one love, My one heart, My one life for sure"

"Let me tell you one time, girl I love, girl I love you"

3. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

I love all version of Jason Mraz-- I'm Yours.. Especially 'I'm Yours' where Jason Mraz sing it with Jah Cure and Lil Wayne..

4. Black Keys - Jonas Brothers

This song is the 9th song in their brand new album Lines, Vines and Trying Times. I love Nick's voice here.

"And the black keys, Showing me a world I never knew"

5. Party In The USA - Miley Cyrus

I just love this song,

"So I put my hands up, they’re playin’ my song, The butterflies fly away, I’m noddin’ my head like “Yeah!” Movin’ my hips like “Yeah!”"

6. Catch Me - Demi Lovato

Firstly, I don't know about this song until I join Jonas Brothers Webcast last August 22nd. There, Nick plays Demi Lovato's song Catch Me with his guitar. And I'm fall in love with this song

7. Live High - Jason Mraz

I love this song, this song makes my heart always in peace.

8. Here We Go Again - Demi Lovato

And this song too. :D

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