Justin Bieber Indonesia Fansite

5:53 PM

Hey ppl! Long time no post, ya I know.. -_- I'm busy with my twitter @aaadhisty and for Justin Bieber's fans: @JustinBieberID.. I hope you follow them :) Ehm, by the way, I just wanna give you some information about Justin Bieber Indonesia Fansite: Me and my friend has made it, I hope you'll join this unofficial fansite and let Justin Bieber notice us :) Here is the fansite http://justinbieber-indonesia.webs.com So, don't forget to join guys!!

I hope you'll follow our twitter too @JustinBieberID
and add our msn at justinbieber_indonesia@hotmail.com

The last but not least, just wanna say, Thank You Guys for reading this post :)

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