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Heyhooo bloggeys!

Long time no post? yeah I'm sosososooooooo busy lately. I have A LOT of exams, assignments and... project and yeah also a competition to be done. And umm by the way I just want to celebrate this thing with you.

Well, May 18th 2010 ago, is my twitter's birthday. And I dunno where to celebrate it (?) So I would like to celebrate this belated bird-day in my blog. It's OK right? :D And.... this is something, TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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I'm so sorry I dont have anything else to be posted on my blog because yeah my life this lately was sooo flat. Exam, assignment, project, competition and go around it. So boring right?

Well well well, I have 5 wishes (for this time, I'm sure it'll be increase for the next day):
1. Pass the UAS with a really good score
2. Then, going to the next grade. Grade 9, woah I'm not that ready, for sure.
3. Win the thinkquest project, San Fransisco here I come (Amiiin)
4. Win the graphic design competition. (Amiiin)
5. Find another competition. I know I'm tired of this but dont know why, I just enjoy having a lot of competition.

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