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Yaaaay, the final test is nearly over! Tomorrow is the last day and the subject is only English aaaaand yeah, wish me had 100 on the math exam! AMIN!

Today I'm going to tell you, about Mazeclets! Sooo... What is mazeclets? Mazeclets stands for Amazing Class Eight Three SBI (that's my class, btw ;D)

Honestly, at first I'm not that liking the class, because... yeah I don't recognized all of them. But time goes by, this class became more more and more exciting!

The boys make a game named "Kertas Tangkis" the game is so simple but it's hard enough to play. and... you know the game named "Kotak Pos"? Yeah, we play it in the class but we change it, slightly. Wanna know more? Read Rara's post about the game.

Well, I just realized that mazeclets will be ended soon because soon, we'll go to the 9th grade. Nobody want to be a veter. So yeah, I know this is kinda strange-crazy-or whatever. We're holding a photoshoot in the class EVERYDAY in this week. Act like a model, even like a moviestar!

Well, here's one of the photo

Guess what Hafizh and Rama doing, uh? Guess what were they doing...

And do you remember about the 'boredom' that I made during the physics exam? I made it again! Not a boredom, but this one:

Well, sorry some of you were protested me because you look shorter or larger or whatever here. Honestly, I cant draw, especially for the boys -_- See? the differences were just at the clothes but the face, hair, all the same!

And yeah just click the picture to enlarge!

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