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According to Wikipedia, my middle name, Kiara is a female given name and is pronounced /kiˈɑrə/ kee-AR-ə. Variants include Chiara (Italian), Ciara (Irish) as well as alterations such as Keearra, Keira, Kiarra and Kierra. The name is derived from the Gaelic and means 'Little dark one' in the Irish version and 'brightness' in Italian.

That name in other languages:
Spanish: Clara (it means clear and bright)
French: Claire (it means clear and bright)
English: Claire

But whatever the internet state my name, my parents has their own interpretation. Aaaand for those who ask why did I post such an unimportant thing, I wanna tell you that. I just got a new friend who have a similar interest as I am. And she ask me to call me Kiara and whoaaaa this-is-what-I-wondered-since-I-was-very-little. A friend who'll called me Kiara instead of Dhisty. yayyyss

(this paragraph is revised at 22/12) And I just realized that all my friends from outer Indonesia called me Kiara instead of Dhisty. Some are call me AKN and some is AK. Eventhough I guess it because it is quite hard to pronounce my first name. Just FYI, even the local people used to pronounce my name in a wrong way such as 'A-dis-ti-a' or 'A-dis-ta'. errrrrr

So, things are going to be more random right now, I have to stop it. K see you bloggeys on the next post and remember, IT IS HOLIDAY NOW!!

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