It's About Two Children Guessing Their Future and Hoping for a Way

4:31 PM

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December 23rd 2010,
Jakarta, Indonesia,
10:07 PM

Ohai thurrr Pucho, I dedicate an artwork above for you. PS: Cho, I made it by my own hand, and then scanned it, gave a little photoshop thingy but sadly I'm too lazy to give colour. I'd be so glad if you give colour there, I know you're good at colouring on photoshop.

k, so, I draw this because we're going to travel the world together someday, aren't we? Well, we just need to collect money, working hard and waiting the tick-tock on the clock. But nevertheless, we'll start ticking those boxes soon :D

And our main destination would be UK, or England specifically. You're gonna looking for 'your lost prince' and I'm gonna hunt for another English or Irish LOL OK stop me. I can't imagine when you found him, that'd be a long time since you've a chit chat with him. I'd be the one who's crying when I see you meet him someday. He's a good guy.

I don't know why I'm so confidence to say that and publish it on my blog, where everyone, from everywhere, world-wide could read this post. Well, maybe because of my dad always told me "Where there's a will, There's a Way". I do believe in that. So here we've got a will, we're gonna find a way then.


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