The Look Through My Window

7:05 PM

That feeling when, you feel blue when an endless rain pour your town all the day, and you don't know why. You just feel blue. You can't make up yor words and you just want to lie down on your bed and close your eyes all the day till the rain stop falling. Dreaming a very sweet dream or just thinking about good memorabilia. Who knows it could light up your feeling?

Have a stunning day, everyone! I know it's been like a year since the last time I posted thing on my blog. Aaaand oompa loompa! the picture above is copyrighted here and so is the GIF I made below, so it would be counted as a crime if you use it without citing me. Uhh I've been annoyed a hundred times when I see someone using someone's artwork without citing. It's just like when you say "I hate copycat" but YOUARE one of those copycat. What a nitwit.

OK. I'll end this TMI Thursday. See ya! Eh, wait. Question of the day: What is the look through your window? Is it the same as mine?

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