Let's Recall The Early April of 2010

12:52 PM

Hey bloggeys! Well, the title above actually gives you clue already. Yes, I am remembering what happened on April 6th, 1 PM, last year. I actually can't remember it clearly, Was I having my lunch or was I watching the basketball match between the boys from my school versus the boys from Siglap Secondary School? Well, I think I was having my lunch, a quality lunch with friends, in Siglap Secondary School Singapore. Yes you're right!! My school (SMPN 49) was holding a study tour to Siglap Secondary School Singapore last year, started from April 5th until April 9th. And uhm by the way, I've got some pictures to share.

This is actually what happened in the morning. Cooking class, study (as usual), P.E, art class, recess and going to Mount Faber Peak for dinner. And incase you will probably get bored, I won't share all the photos I have on my blog, just a little.

And after having our lunch, we were going to see the basketball match of the boys.

On the third day, we were going around Singapore, China Town, LTA, etc. Ugh I truly can't recall it clearly. The next day, we were going to NEWater, LaSalle College of the Arts, Universal Studio, The Song of the Sea, Esplanade, Merlion, and places around it.

From left to right: Pucho's shoes, Grace's shoes and mine taken on a Skyride in Sentosa Island.

But, in the morning before we went around Singapore, we were swimming in a pool in our resort. And no, I'm not swimming. I was so weary so I just enjoy the fresh Thursday morning air while taking some pictures.

Aaaand, the ninth of April. Our last day in Singapore. We went to Science Center Singapore.

And say goodbye to Singapore. We'll going back soon!!

By the way bloggeys, just a question of the day, "Why is it so sunny in Jakarta in the early of April? Or is it just me who feel it?" and the last but not least, those pictures above can't tell you how fun the trip was and how I miss my Singaporean friends!

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