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So, what is the messiest thing on earth? Your bedroom? no. It's my files on computer. Seriously, they are a big mess I could never handle (well I can handle it actually, put them in the proper folders etc but It needs A LOT of patience).

Yesterday I felt I'm patient enough so I started to neat it all up whilst put my playlist on shuffle. Folder one=. Folder two=. Folder three=. Suddenly, a very familiar song played on my playlist. I needed a little moment to think "who's song is this", I can't remember it clearly because I listen to this song rarely. OK nuff guessing. That song I mean is Superman by JB. no. not Justin Bieber. It's Joe Brooks. I honestly a little bit confuse because JB is usually stands for Jack Barakat for me, but since we've got Joe Brooks. Well, the 'JB' is all yours, Joe. You owned that acronym.

You, bloggeys, know him right? no? oh come on it's 2011. Joe Brooks is a very talented singer and song writer from Southampton, UK. He first started his music career from MySpace and I'm not surprised if he've got a very good respond because his song is great (and he is very good looking HAHAHA but hey, I'm serious). And just FYI, his latest album is "Constellation Me" which was released last summer 2010, but I can't find it in music stores in Jakarta. GRAH.

Yesterday I found his video of singing Superman in the jazz version and words can't tell you how wonderful it is!!! OK you really need to check it out

GREAT, isn't it? and bloggeys, especially you Indonesian fans of Joe Brooks. This is a very important news. It seems like, he really want to go to Asia, INCLUDING JAKARTA (Y). And I can conclude that he is serious because he made a video where he said that he want to do his Asia Tour and he mentioned Jakarta. And he speak in Malay omg it honestly sounds a little bit funny ;) Aaaaaand. I recently knew that..... Joe Brooks is following oom Adrie Subono on twitter!!!!

So, for those Indonesian fans of Joe Brooks PLEASE sign this petition: HTTP://JAKARTA.JOEBROOKS.COM And eventhough we've reached the target, we still need more, seriously.

And oh, you want to see his video saying he wanted to do concert in Asia? Here it is

Need something fresh on your screen? Here it is. But, note this before you see his pictures: He is a breathtaker, so beware of getting yourself breathless ;)

Mr Brooks, you are truly my Superman!!! (eventhough you said you aren't)

And here is his songs I like the most:

- Apple
- World At Our Feet
- Foolish Man
- Marching Band
- Superman
- Holes Inside
- Hello Mr. Sun
- I Find The Light In You
- Five Days of Summer

If Joe Brooks do read this post (well I'm not a hundred percent sure but, who knows?) I really hope you will do you Asia Tour and come to Jakarta :)

Pictures courtesy: I pick it randomly from google -_-"

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