That Saddest Part Is....

7:53 PM

when you have to say goodbye. Especially to your best friend. Or someone special.

It's my last night, sitting here at my room, on my comfy bed, in front of this notebook. I won't be doing this in 3 weeks ahead. We, Indonesian pupils had a thing called MOS (Masa Orientasi Siswa), or MOKS (Masa Orientasi dan Kedisiplinan Siswa) exclusively at my new school before we start school. And MOKS at PSHS is 3 weeks long. Yes, 3 weeks. Which is, they said, it's including the culture festival night, jerit malam (-_-)", camping, tour to somewhere which is I dunno where, outbond and other activities (which is I also don't know, since they still keep it as secret).

Not gonna lie, I'll miss Choco so much. I dedicate this post to her. And I've changed my mind, I'm not gonna say "goodbye" on this post (as what I've planned in the first place), but I'll just say "See you in 3 weeks" instead of goodbye. Soooo yeah, since we didn't meet this week, keep that gift for my birthday, Cho >.<

Next post in 3 weeks, I must've got a lot of pictures from the MOKS :D And people, wish me luck.

And ooh P.S: I'm not a dorm girl, yes PSHS is a boarding school, but we don't live in a dormitory, we live in a student housing, which is, a real house.

Anyways, how about a bro fist? We all wish us a goodluck ^^

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