Mission is Fugkinly Accomplished

1:42 PM

I have to tell you that I suffer a phobia, named: Batophobia. Go google it if you don't know. I'm afraid of going in an escalator and then looking down. Well, you won't see me crying everytime I'm going in an escalator at mall, I can handle myself. But deep inside my heart, I'm dying ._. Afraid of falling down or sth.

BUT, I couldn't be happier myself after I try Tornado at Dufan (Dufan is a Theme Park in Jakarta, I bet you know that. And Tornado is a name of one of the ride, I bet you know that, as well) If you don't know what does it looks like, how the Tornado works, maybe you can watch this video of someone on YT >.< A Superb progress! I even want to try it twice. But since, my aunt and uncle said "Enough, NO more Tornado ride" which means, that, I have no companion. aah, let's see the photos, but unfortunately, my mum didn't record a video :(

^ Left to right: My uncle, aunt and meeee >.<
^ We're Upside down
That's why the title of the post is "Mission is Fugkinly Accomplished", since I've face one of my fear. so so happy :) and of course, proud LOL.

And by the way, I think I haven't post anything about my yearbook. So here we go:

And one more thing to show you all. It's an exclusive notebook of 49 Junior High School. I say it's limited edition because not everyone has it. You have? no? Don't be jelly, k? ;) AHAHA *evil laugh*

I never realized that I still have 3 days left before I go to high school, which means, no more holiday, and I'll be freshman which also means that I'll leave home, since I'll go to a dorm school. And, for those who ask me, I go to President High School and yes. I got scholarship (I told you on my previous-previous post, duh -_-")

Well, my cousins are coming to my house, and there's like, a little 'chaos' (We used to laugh so loud and laugh and play something and make another loud noisy sound, that's why I call it chaos) out of my room, which sounds so interesting that I want to join. Sooooo................... ADIOS!

*singing* Try not to miss me when I'm gone~~~

GOD! I can't stop listening to A Day To Remember DUH!!!! IS THERE ANY CURE? HELP ._.

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