Coucou, Me Revoilà!

12:51 AM

Oh hellooooooooooo bloggeys! Been a long time, yeah?

So, according to my last post, I have been leaving this blog to dust for 2 and a half years! Well, je suis désolée - I am sorry. Lots of things have passed and lots of new things are happening too right now! 

Don't know where to start, so I made a quick recall:

I survived the "boarding school" life for 3 years, which sometimes fun, but sometimes it is exhausting as hell. I passed the national exam, which is a BIG relief so I don't have to join any "bimbel" every weekend. I joined a French Course à l'Institut français d'Indonesie, and it's been amazing because I meet lots of new friends and had a very patient and kind professeure. 

But the highlight is.... I am now officially a college student!!! YAY for me :) I study business in Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics (abbreviated as Prasmul). My campus is in BSD, if you wonder. A newly developing area at the Jakarta suburb. 

I really love it here, though it's a great struggle studying in Prasmul. Ain't no rest and sleep is for the weak is our national anthem. HAHA Seriously, you'll get loads of project and assignment within a little time.

Let's just start at the very beginning. Here we got an Introductory Program, similar to Ospek in another campus and I was in Group #24. Ah, these are my mates: Afi, Cindy, Jeanice, Adan, Jefferson, Jeffrey, Adrian, Jonathan, Hadyan and Andree!

We went hiking to Mt. Putri in Lembang, Bandung. Well, it was mandatory as a part of the Introductory Program and as a Business Simulation program as well.

It is indeed we didn't win the business race, but we had fun!! Instead of racing to be the fastest team arrived, my team and I were talking and sharing and looking around at the beautiful mountainous scenery that we didn't see often in Jakarta. When we think about it, sometimes we were like, OMG What a fool! Ahahaha

And ooh, this Introductory Program was ended by an event called "Welcoming Night" where we wear costumes (this year's theme is Folklore) and do fun things such as flash mob or any other performances! I wore Scottish traditional costume after having a bit dilemma to choose between Gladiator Girl or Jasmine costume. I forgot why I ended up choosing this costume instead the others, though!

And then after I finished the Introductory Program, which lasts for 3 weeks, I then go to class and study as usual student! I go to Business L, which consisted of 39 people, but yeah, we don't have a full team photos, so perhaps this one would do ^^ 



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