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The sun always shines after the storm. That is true, because in the last day of my visit to Istanbul, the sun shines very bright and the temperature rises. It was still around 5 degree Celsius, but it was considered as warmer than the days before! I can now completely understand why some of my friend who study in Europe is so grateful with 20 degree Celsius weather! I am too, was so grateful with that 5 degree Celsius to be honest!

So this is the last day, eh? There was still some disappointment after our Cappadochia trip got cancelled due to the blizzard, but yeah just let it go. Exploring Istanbul itself has been such a pleasure for me.

Today I went around Istanbul to see the melted snow aaaand do last minute shopping spree before flying back to Jakarta in the evening. First stop was Eminönü Gezi İskelesi, or the Eminönü Ferry Dock. Here you can get on to the ferry for cruising or just seeing the Marmara Sea. 

I think I praise Istanbul so much, but that's the truth! Ugh, I wish I could extend this trip and still visiting Cappadochia and get to try the hot air balloon, visit the underground city, and stay in a cave hotel, which is so cool! It's so sad that schools in Indonesia have a very little time for the holiday.

Alright, next stop is in an area, which I forgot the name, it's a kind of market actually. So we bought some cheap souvenirs, Turkish Delight, Turkish tea (since I am a fan of tea) and etc. Anyway, couple days before, I went to Grand Bazaar Istanbul. It is the largest and the oldest market in Turkey. I was so sure I went there on weekdays, but there were loaaaads of people. Can't imagine how crowded the market gets on the weekend, though. And as a surprise, I found quite a lot of Indonesians in that market. Most of them are Indonesian students in Turkey. I just found out that the Turkish government gives us Indonesian, quite a lot of opportunities, like a scholarship, to study in Turkey.

Alright, lets move on, the thing is I went back to the Istiklal Caddesi... again. With the other friends who haven't been there. And since there were some things I would like to buy in Istiklal, I think it is okay to go back there! Haha

And that's it. The end of my lovely journey in Istanbul. Been a really great time with lots of new experiences for me. Would be glad to back in Turkey, especially to see the Cappadocia :p For some people who were asking about the visa, it is just simply a Visa on Arrival which is valid for 30 days! 

Alright, Görüşürüz-- see you on the next trip!


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