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Ohoho! Here comes the time when everyone is starting to make a new list of their so-called New Year's Resolution. It's the time when people make promises and goals to be accomplished for themselves (which I personally doubt that it'll last until the end of the year) and it's true, I once read a study said that only hardly 10% of the world's population succeeded in finishing their resolutions.

Some people have done really bad this year and all they want is just a fresh start in the next year. Well, yeah, nothing's wrong with that. But it's in our nature to ditch all of the promises that we made for ourselves. That's why most of us aren't really satisfied with our own accomplishment at the end of the year. So, what should we do to make our New Year's Resolutions on track and work until the end of the year?

Well, my 2015 has been great, the best year of my life in the past 5 years if I may say. And if you wonder how did I perform throughout the year? What are the things that I do? I'll tell you the keys...

Instead of making a whole bunch of list full of ambitious goals which is highly unrealistic and unattainable, I prefer to do it in a different way.

1. Change

One simple word, yet so powerful. I always have this urge for myself to change, to improve my way of life, to become a better version of me. If you're not open to change, it means that you're gonna face a hard time to success. When you think that change is a scary word and a scary step to take, I tell you the truth: it is scary, but the possible outcomes are worth the try. Start now, don't wait until you're ready.

2. The "Fear" List

Instead of making lists of things that I want to change about myself or my life, I made a list full of stuff that I fear. Why? Because I want to conquer my fear. Alright, I'll give you a bit of my example:

"I am afraid of doing public speaking"
Since I was little, I always become the shy-kids. I prefer to listen than talk. And while I grow up, I found this stuff is not good for me.  

"I am afraid to speak my opinion"
I consider myself as a very self-conscious person, I find it hard to see people disagree with my ideas,  therefore I tend to avoid to speak my mind out loud.

"I am afraid I won't have a balance on my social and academic life"
I can say that I am an opportunist, I will always take every chance that is standing right in front of me. And sometimes, when I pursue my academic life to the fullest, I feel that I will start to abandon my social life or vice versa.

"I am afraid of making mistakes"
Of course, I believe all of us feel the same way. But somehow now I have to turn mistakes from a huge failure to become the great formula for my successful future.

3. Act and Improve

Let's say that I've done making list of things that I fear. What should I do then? Of course, ACT! It's the point of making a resolution. Why would you plan something that you won't do? So, just make some action plan, but remember stick to the S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound). Know your limit, don't be too hard on yourselves :)

As an example here, to overcome my first and second fear, which is "I am afraid to do public speaking & give my opinion". We all can start to join a community or club where you'll meet loads of people and practice your public speaking there. And as for me, my action plan is to join AIESEC where it is very common for the member to speak in front of the other members while saying their opinions out loud. Of course, some will agree and some won't, but it's a good thing that they all respect our opinion.

Then move on to the balance of my social and academic life, which I admit is pretty hard to maintain. This year, I was grateful that I got a merit scholarship from my university, but there are lots of things that I have to give up to get that. Sometimes I just say "no" to my friends for a night out because I am just too tired after making essays or papers. But did you know that last year, when I spend my first year at Uni just to socialize and getting to know new friends... Although I did good on my GPA, but I didn't get any outstanding academic achievement. 

4. Stay Focus and Positive

The hardest part that I believe everyone faces is to stay focused. After making resolutions, we all will do very well in January, February and March, probably. But there will be times when we feel demotivated and tired. I felt that too. One day I was thinking "Am I too ambitious? Should I need to slow down a bit?". Well, if it really bothers you, take a small break. Like, on summer as an example. Go out on a vacation and forget the resolutions for a moment. But then when summer's over, be prepared to continue conquering your fears! You're already halfway of the year, anyway!

5. Enjoy Every Little Things

The basic element to fulfil our dream is to enjoy every little piece of ups and downs that our life gave us. An American author, Kurt Vonnegut once said "Don't let bitterness steal your sweetness".

And that's, people, how I live my life to the fullest this year. I think I'm gonna repeat the same steps for 2016 with some improvements, as well ^^ Anyway, happy early new year from me!

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