Yogyakarta Travel Diary 001

3:52 PM

Yogyakarta, a city lies in the heart of Java Island. The only city in Indonesia that is still ruled by the Javanese Monarch existed since the pre-colonial era. A city full of friendly-happy people who will turn you into one happy people once you set up your foot in Yogyakarta. 

I planned this trip my my college friend, Heny, since 2 weeks ago. This was actually our plan B. Our plan A? Going to Bali and Gili Islands! We could probably save the plan A later for our next trip, though. 

I’ve been to Yogya twice this year and honestly I found nothing special. First visit was for a student conference and second visit was just a trip with my dad to his 20-years college reunion. I barely have time for myself, to just wander around the city and discover its beauty. But this time I want to make it different. I want to prove that Yogya deserves its name as a “Special Region” in Indonesia.

And voila!

August 24 2016 

   3 am
The night before the trip, Gio and I stayed over in Heny’s house just so we can go to the airport and catch the flight together. It was early in the morning but we woke up already. Around 3:30 am we ordered an Uber and the next 5 minutes, the driver showed up and we went straight to the airport. Our flight was scheduled on 5:55 am

   7 am
The flight was smooth, definitely on time and we finally arrived in Adisutjipto Airport in Yogya after 50 minutes of flight. Our hotel check in was still at 2 pm, so we got plenty of time to chill and enjoy the morning in Yogya. We decided to take Trans Jogja to go to our hotel. It was reasonably cheap and really easy to take. The officers are very helpful as well, so don’t be afraid, we won’t get lost. 

We’re heading to Adhisthana Hotel in Prawirotaman, so from the airport we took bus 3B and stopped at Banguntapan before continuing to the bus 2B and got down at Benteng Wetan. From the last bus stop, we walked our way to the hotel. It took us around 15 minutes until we finally arrived at our hotel.

I honestly fell in love at the first sight with the hotel. If you guys have been to Potato Head Beach Club in Bali and see the vintage windows out there, this hotel exterior looks like it, like the mini version of Potato Head. Stepping up inside, you can see the lushy white walls with Javanese ornament as home deco. Going further inside, you’ll found a pool which I called my green oasis with palm trees where you can swim or just sun bathing in the afternoon. Adhisthana Hotel makes me feel at home when I am away from home.

Keep Palm and Carry On

The arches and those old javanese ornaments 😍

The hotel looks so homy

My green oasis

The outdoor area in Adhisthana Hotel

   10 am
We were still waiting at the hotel lobby (which more looks like a living room) when Ayu came and pick us up to go find some foods! (We haven’t ate anything yet and we were craving for some Jogja foods!). 

So while waiting for our time to check in, we went to House of Raminten to eat. I didn’t took pictures of the food since I was staaaarving, but I kinda remembered what we order. We ordered sego kucing, ayam koteka, ayam geprek, pepes tuna, tempe mendoan and actually there are still many more but I don’t know the exact name of the menu haha. 

   12 pm
Done with the brunch, we went back to the hotel and the receptionist said that we can check in early because the room is ready. YAYYYY! 

While waiting for our driver to come and pick us up at 2 pm, we cleaned up and dressed up a bit and took some pictures around the hotel because there are lots of instagrammable spots! Such as this stairs:

The stairs and old windows that looks like the one in Potato Head Bali

   2 pm
Our car driver, Mas Cahyo arrived in our hotel and without further ado we went straight to the sand dune Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo in the southern part of Yogyakarta. But on the way to the sand dune, Mas Cahyo told us that we could actually stop by in a pinewoods known as Hutan Pinus Imogiri and well... Why not? 

Me, posing awkwardly, afraid of fall into the ground
Heny - me - Gio, my travel buddies

The pinewoods was looking like the normal woods and there weren't so many people coming at that time, so we could take some goods pictures without people photo bombing our photos. 

Moving on to the next destination... It took us around 30 minutes from the pinewoods to get to Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo. By the time we arrived at Gumuk Pasir, it was like around 4 pm-ish and the sun was perfectly on its position, getting low and ready to set down. It was windy and not too hot (I was grateful it didn't rain haha). And ooh! Tips for you guys: If you want to come to touristy places but hoping it for not being too crowded, go on weekdays! Weekends are a big no-no! (Said almost everyone in Yogya, from our driver, the hotel receptionist, our friends and even tukang becak!)

One of my favorite picture taken in Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

Heny and I attempted to take jumping pictures, but after lots of attempts we didn't get any good pictures! It was so hard jumping on sand LOL, so this was the best (at least, it was my best HAHA)

That one picture of me with the cactus was actually one of my favorite! I mean, look at the sun lights, it was perfect and as far as we can see... There's no other people photo bombing the pictures! 

After we're done with the sand dunes... Taking photos and playing with the sand (we wanted to try sand boarding, but the fee is around Rp100.000 and we thought it wasn't really worth it, so we skipped it). Time showed us that it was almost sunset. Then we went to Parangtritis Beach (around 5 minutes drive from Gumuk Pasir). Parangtritis is the most well-known and probaby the most touristy beach in Yogya. In my honest opinion, it wasn't really pretty. The sunset was also below our expectation, it looks nothing like what google images shows you guys! haha. So we didn't spend too much time in Parangtritis, but we managed to get couple of pictures

Waiting for sunset in Parangtritis beach

   6 pm
After the sun sets, Heny felt really hungry and she turns grumpy when she's hungry so we asked Mas Cahyo to show us some delicious Jogja foods and he brought us to Oseng-Oseng Mercon Bu Narti, which he said is really popular nowadays! Oseng Mercon is a really spicy dish and I thought I could handle it, but when I saw it and smell the spiciness.. Well, I passed, I can't stand spicy foods so instead I ordered ayam penyet goreng (and it comes with sambal as well)! haha. Heny and Gio ordered the Oseng Mercon, so I could taste a bit of it.

   8 pm
We finally get back to the hotel and we just wanted to clean up and relax, since we will have to get up early tomorrow and see the sunrise. There was something weird actually, my body felt itchy, especially in my face area... My under eyes and cheeks are started to swollen but I  don't want to think something bad so I just forgot it and hoping I wouldn't feel itchy the next morning I woke up!

Alright, that's it for the first day I spent in Yogya with my friends! I'll see you on the next post


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