Hey! It's Random

10:56 PM

Hey bloggey!

Gaaaaah I am sooo tired with my mid term. Why we should have such a fcking examination like this? They use A LOT of papers, and FYI it's not environmentally friendly! It's just the same with cutting down those trees in the forest. Whatta pity you are, tree!

OK so I stole my time to post this one. I know it's not useful for y'all bloggey, that's why I called it "Random". There are 2 photos which is just taken by me this evening

Elmo- My favorite one. I know this pic is blurry, It's intentional

And, can you guess what's this? YES! I won't answer it -_-"

OK bloggey, so that's my Random Post. Feels like you're not enjoy with this post, but... I don't care HAHAH. This is the result if I'm bored ;) So, see ya on the other post bloogey!

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