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3:39 PM

Heeeey, just wanna recommend you some of cool songs that can pump up your mood, and your spirit! Well, I know it's almost of the songs are Cobra Starship's songs. But it's the reality, their songs can pump up (my) our mood!

1. Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester

I'm sure that you're all are already know about this song, especially you, Fangster! Cobra Starship, featuring Leighton Meester and here you can see a little hip-hop from Leighton, it's suppa cool, and here's the video.

2. Hot Mess - Cobra Starship

And this song is a song from Cobra Starship too, HOT MESS! Hot Mess is the name of their album and it's single, by the way. As before, I'm gonna show you the video too.

3. Guilty Pleasure - Cobra Starship

Guilty Pleasure, a really cool song from, Cobra Starship (again). Haha yeah I'm sure that you'll never feel bored if you listen at this really cool song!

4. The City is at War - Cobra Starship

Again, this 5 rated song is come from Cobra Starship. Their song are super cool, and of course it can pump up your spirit! Take a look at their video too, here:

5. Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls

Well, this song is come from Boys Like Girls, but this song is great, I'm sure you'll love the song, and CLICK IT to download the song

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