What Should I Call This Post? ooh I don't know

9:02 PM

Whoah there, bloggey! Hello!

You know what, the mid term is OVER! YAY! I'm free now, but I don't think so, my teachers still gimme a lot of projects.

Just wanna show you something that I made in the middle of Physic's Examination which was so boring. Here's the boredom of mine:

I don't know why I drew those pictures, suddenly it comes on my mind but suddenly it's gone. Is it spooky? no

Well, one thing that makes me regretful, yesterday was the 23rd day of March, it means that.. Cobra Starship hold their concert in Jakarta, Indonesia! BUT Sadly, I can't go! It sucks and I'm so regret. Just can read sir Adrie Subono's and the other people's tweet on twitter, "COBRA STARSHIP, YOU ROCK!" ,"HOW AMAZING THE CONCERT IS!" Gaaaaah, please don't tweet it and makes me jealous, people.

But you know what? A moment ago I just retweet my friend's tweet which is said that We Want Cobra Starship (again) and I don't but suddenly when I check my mentions, I found sir Adrie Subono reply my tweets, He said, "yaaaahhhh baunya cobra aja belum ilang dah minta lg elu ckckckck"

Click THIS ONE to enlarge the picture

Well, I think that isn't all of my post, but I'm tired :( So, see ya next post! Take care

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