Let Me Introduce...

4:46 PM

Fricken and.... Elmos! No comment with the name, I know what does it mean by Fricken but I like the way I spell Fricken :P Sooooo..


Actually I just found it on my table and oooh looks cute! So I grab it and yeah I think that Fricken is my sister's stuff. But now it's mine LOL

Aaaaand... This is ELMOS!

Elmos is actually a necklace that I bought in a Factory Outlet in Bandung. Elmos looks similar with Elmo, right? I make that they are twin (?)

Oh yeah, the Final Exam has just finished today. YAAAAY so so so so so HAPPY! Umm who wants to accompany me to go to the cinema? Raise your hand, we're going together cs I'm so bored at home :\ Or maybe going to somewhere? Come on... -_-

PS: Tell me if you want!

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