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I'm SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOO SOOOOO SOSOSOSO EXCITED, because what?! Guess it! I just nominated as the candidate of the winner on the Design Graphic Contest. From the 3 designs I've sent to Yayasan Airputih, they choose 2 of them.

But this is the problem, to be the winner, I've to get a lot of votes. So... I need your help bloggeys, Please vote me on THIS WEBSITE or THIS WEBSITE by choosing the "SMP" category and choose number 4 AND 5. Both are mine ;) Oh ya, by the way these designs are mine

The number 4 is:

And number 5:

At last, I just want to say my gratitude to my God, Allah SWT and... you, the one who vote my poster ;) Once again bloggeys, please VOTE MEEEE :D

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