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Hi! Hi! What you're up to, everyone? I just finished reading a book titled "Every Soul A Star" by Wendy Mass. A very-very-light-reading book. What was I thinking when I bought this book? I mean, I like this book. Not as much as I like any other fictional-fantasy book, indeed. But I like this because, it contains of what am I interested in. Astronomy. I don't know why but every books that contain of astronomy thing will attract me at the bookshop. Yeah, the cover looks really the same like this: (too lazy to take a pic, sooo yeah I googled the cover of book). And apparently, this book is the last stock of my holiday reads. so saaaad :(

And and by the way, I won a free voucher of 100k at Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan from their quiz!!! Lucky me. So I probably will go there today or tomorrow, since, they also have 15% off storewide discount! Whatalifeee, so now, I'm making a list of what-to-buy-books.

SUMMER!! SUMMER!! I know there's no such thing like this here. I mean, I feel like it's summer everyday in Indonesia. 365 days of summer. What? -_-" But I do can feel the atmosphere. The smell of holiday, the view of colourful outfit at the shop window, and the smell of my birthday which will coming really soon. And that's why I'm making this 6 designs for your summer outfit!

How's that? Hope you'll like and every comments are apreciated :) I'm in a very good mood today, I don't know why. K I'm out, doing practice, you know, keep our body healthy. And for girls, keep your body in shape<-- serious.

PS: Anyone realize that I haven't even put a title for this post? no one? k. bye.

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