June is the blast

9:50 PM

Hai der! So today is the announcement day, I've got the result of the National Exam already. Yes, it is out of my expectation, I mean, a bit lower. But at least I still got Straight A's with the average of, Alhamdulillah 9.46

All that hurts me a lot is, my baby MBP isn't going to be in my hand right now. But then I know it's not the only chance, I still got another chance. June 22 will be the main blast of this June. Another annoucement day. All I can do is just pray and pray, because I've done my best to get that MBP ._.

Yes, I'm not that kind of girl that just need to say "Dad, I want an MBP" or "Mum, buy me an xbox please" and the day after that, everything that I wanted is there right in front of me. I need to work hard at the first place. And vice versa, my dad and mum isn't that kind of person that can easily give their children everything that they wanted. Because they said that it's not good. And frankly, that thing makes me jealous, sometimes. Because I see some of my friends are seems so easy to get what they want.

And thing that makes me busy lately is the graduation night (yes, I am one of the committee. I do go to school almost everyday for meeting and stuffs when I supposed to lay at my bed, sleep, have a day out with friends or go somewhere holiday and I do the design thing with my other friend, as well) and also, preparation for my High School.

By the way, not mean to show up or something, but I get school already since December and I got scholarship, as well. That's why I don't need to seeking for school anymore. One of the best thing of my life. And thing that makes me cried happily this morning is when my dad said "It's OK you make me proud already with all these things you've been through" on our way back home from school and my mum nodded her head whilst said "Uh huh" (or sth like that). I hope that they really meant it. Because if they don't, it's going to hurt me for the second time.

And and and, second video blog is coming up already. Mind to watch it?

I will post another design (the clothes, like the one on this POST) when I have enough time to scan it. So by this time, I'll end this post. Goodnight, and for those who got a lower score from your expectation. Yes, you may cry, but don't be too over in sorrow. The result is just another numbers, k? So set your chin up, and start thinking your future. What you're gonna be and stuffs. Because, that's exactly what I do..........

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