We're Done, But It's Not Over

7:08 PM

So... umm... I want to say 'sorry' in advance, about my last post. I know I was so rude. So, sorry ._.

I don't know what I feel. I'm neither sad nor happy. Maybe if you mix both of those feeling, you'll know what I really feel right now. And I honestly don't know where to start this post from. I guess I have to start it from the June 15th, which is my graduation day.

It's true that I didn't take much photos that night. And yes, I feel regret. Jadi, kalo lagi acara apaaa gitu, JB JB kamera orang juga gapapa, daripada gak punya foto, ntar nyesel nya pas udah gede -_-

Well, I can say that the graduation is not the best part of this week. The best part is..... this weekend!!! UNOSILLAS (United Nation of Second Batch International Class) went to Puncak YAAAAAY \(^.^)/

I'm not going to tell you all the story but for me, the best part is that water-bomb chaos between the boys and mas mas outbond. I won't forget those moments, really <3 And ooh, I won't forget this moment, as well= the time when everyone have done their breakfast at... around... 7.30 AM and me, Choco, Alliy, Tata and Deva HAS JUST woke up -_-" What a kebo

Yeah. This is it. This is my post. Another post soon, sooooo adios!

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