Wednesday At Pucho's

3:07 PM

Well, yesterday is Wednesday and I went to Pucho's house. aww I really missed her house, long time no visit her house, since..... well I dunno, I just miss it.

First, we were in front of computer for about 2 hours (Yeah 2 hours! We're freak, spent 2 hours just in front of the computer!), we were chatting (with our friends) and browsing, AND guess what?! we were joining Kak Marla's Giveaway

I'm sure if you're looking at the bottom of the post there are our comments HAHA well, who knows that we'll won the giveaway? I really want the Ethnic Geek one!

Then, we were playing Halma and... DAMN! Twice we played, twice I lose! What a pity :(

Oh yeah, by the way I want this Pucho's stuff a Panda Cap don't you bloggeys?

After that we went downstair and eating and then... guess what! We were playing badminton, whereas it's 12 PM! HA It was sooooo dammmmnnn hot! We use a hat, but it doesn't mean anything. Then Pucho texted Rama, asked him for joining the badminton but he didn't reply (Pucho said that Rama's house is so damn near with her house, they are.. neighbour). Oh yeah before we played badminton, I played with Pucho's hamster, it's white and it's cute ;D But my turtle still more cute than Pucho's hamster HAHAH *evil laugh

And FYI this pic (below) is the picture of the day (Wednesday). Why? Because it's the first time I can capture a photo with a full bokeh! HAHA Need 3 times until I finally got this pic and FYI I'm just a newbie in the photography world ;)

OK. I know the story wasn't useful and it was so boring, but I just want to share my day with y'all. OK then, see ya!

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