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Recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Yep. That's my recent picture of me, taken during this Lebaran Holiday aaand yeah that was edited using Photoshop, simple only using the lasso tool. And the background credit goes to orlandov. I thought it was a beautiful scenery so I download and use it ahahah.

15 interesting facts about myself. But umm maybe I should change it into 15 Random Facts About Myself

1. I-never-been-in-a-relationship. And it's remembering me with a tumblr meme. Forever Alone ._.

2. I, actually love blurry pictures rather than the clear one.

3. I could and always studying, listening to the music and singing at the same time. And my mom always talk blahblahblah on me. Saying that all the things I do is just wasting my time, because no one could studying listening and singing at the same time. But no, it works at me mom :D

4. I never like Hollywood singers. Or maybe you can call it, really-famous-singer. Such as Gaga, Katy Perry, BEP. Their music is not bad, but...... dunno why. I never like 'em and their song is never play on infinite repeat on my playlist.

5. I DO love Math :D yeaaaa although sometime I said "Math sucks!" but deep in my heart, math is my favorite subject, and so is science!

6. I wish I could find my real talent ASAP

7. I hate water. Yeah water. Mommy said I've been hating water since I was just a baby. I always crying out loud once the water touched me. And she said that it's a pain everytime she has to taking me a bath. Peace mom, I was just a baby ^^v

8. I love chocolate!!!!!! And I'm not afraid of getting fat. I mean, I don't feel guilty after eating a dozen of chocolate bar, like all the typical girls did.

9. I am a great procrastinator and am a forgetful person. Bad memory.

10. I love rain, and so the smell of the rain ;D

11. I love skirts and dresses rather than jeans.

12. I am a gadget freak and software freak

13. I had a batophobia

14. I make tons of mistakes, and I still makin them

15. I don't care about what people say on me. I'm livin' life on my way, so get-out-from-my-way

and additional Random Facts #16: This is my 100th post on my blog ;D

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