10:06 PM

Hola bloggeys, hola everyone!!! Guess what? THIS-IS-HOLIDAY-ALREADY!!! YAHOOOO Who's excited about this? ME ME ME!

And yeah. I gotta tell you something, and that something is...

Adhisty Kiara, proudly present.............. STAR GAZING, her brand new blog!

Eventhough I have 2 blogs, OF COURSE, I won't forget this blog. aaadhisty's still being my main blog. And Star Gazing is the secondary one :D and ooooh.. who mind to take the banner? Or maybe exchange it? well OK just tell me in the shoutbox ;D

adhisty kiara - star gazing

OK then. I bet I'll spend much of my holiday time in front of youtube, tumblr and blog, just as usual HAHA. Aim to have a day out with friend or break fasting with 83 and the whole Unosillas huhu :(

Muchas Gracias for reading this post :D

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