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God. Please. Let. My. Dad. Say. Yes. For. Me. To. Watch. The. /\/\aine. Concert. This. September. 23rd. Pleaseeeee. God. Let. My. Dad. Say. Yes. For. This. Amin.

So this is what-I-really-want now. Attending The /\/\aine concert next September 23. Hope my dad let me. Then If I make a current wishlist, "Attending The Maine concert" would be my #1 until #10 wish of 10 wishes!!! I don't know why suddenly (not suddenly actually, I've been being their fans since I dunno, but I just had a serious Maine Fever right now) I'm just to addicted to them.

Hope Allah hear every pray that I say.

And oooh yeah. THE /\/\AINE REPLIED MY TWEET, EXACTLY THIS MID-NIGHT (Sunday, September 5). I was just retweeting their tweet and about a minute later, when I checked my timeline, I-saw-them-replying-my-tweet. My cold fingertip is getting colder, my heart beat faster, I rubbed my eyes for twice, didn't believe if it's real. Speechless. Yeah. The Maine replying my tweet.

So, this is me, retweeting their tweet, and asked something:

And suddenly.......................... BLAST!!!

Just enlarge the picture to see it clearly by clicking the pic. And I am so sorry if I'm exaggerated about this. But seriously, I'm excited and I can't stop it hahah

Now, as usual, I wanna spam you their pics ;D

And this. Yeah. I'm adoring this guy in the band. The one who has the most-killer-smile. JOHN CORNELIUS O'CALLAGHAN THE FIFTH or John O'Callaghan V for short aaand eventhough he's not smiling, he still could make you melts.

Hope to see you all guys on September 23 in Tennis Indoor Senayan, Indonesia. Really hope for it. And hope to see you bloggeys on the post of reviewing their concert ahahah.


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