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11:56 AM

HELLO bloggeys! Well, yesterday was Friday the 13th and was being down for a moment. Was that a sign of...... OK stop it. I'm not a superstitious person and I was just kidding.

Oh well, what I currently feel is what I typed as the title. The exam is FINALLY over!!! YAAAAY! I couldn't be happier, seriously. It means that no more revising and no more answer sheet which sucks a lot. Sound like a heaven in my ears.

I've been spending my week for revising, revising, and revising which is totally boring. But last night, instead of revising science for today (YES. Today is Saturday and I went to school this morning just to take the science exam, which I hope, I didn't bombed the test. OK then everyone who read this wish me luck please ^^). So, instead of revising science, I did this, which waaaaaayyyyy moooreee interesting than revising.

One of my dream for the future me, having my own clothing line. Eventhough designer is not the main job that I wanted to be. But I do enjoy it a lot. I want to be a pediatrics, a cardiologist, an ambassador, or an entrepreneur. Well, I just can't decide it by this time. Let the 18-year-old me decide it.

So today Rio said something kinda thunderstorm to me "Gua gak keterima di 28, jadi gak boleh nonton ARTTM dhis. Sorry" ........................................ ._.

OMG yes. I know I could watch the concert by myself If I really want to. But. No. I don't want to go there alone. So it means that I won't go there unless there's someone who want to accompany me. Someone who want to watch really should tell me so we could go together.

And yeah by the way, I'm happy for those who've been accepted in their desired school. "Congratulation! and I'm totally happy for you". And for those who aren't accepted, please, don't cry. It's not the end of the world. God surely had planned something better for you. Seriously, I'm not lying, because I've been through this. When I didn't get what I really want, I cried a lot. I solitary myself in my room then I screamed with my pillow covering my mouth, so no one hear that. But then now I realize, it's true what people say that "God had planned something better for us". I don't need to tell you the very detail of my story, but that the way it goes. I'm telling you the truth.

WOW it's apparently 1 PM already. My stomach groan a lot, which means that I have to eat my lunch and take a nap. And tonight I might not going online, so I probably will design another outfit whilst listen to some songs I currently addicted to. And by the way, I found this, like an hour ago and still reading. It's true that sometimes, I can easily been amazed or captivated by something that other people probably never think of.

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