The First Giveaway from... Evita Nuh!

12:09 AM

I've something to tell you, and that thing is... I am joining Evita Nuh's Giveaway! Remember the last giveaway I've joined? I am not lucky, so I'll try for this giveaway, and I think you should check this giveaway out and join! Because, see? Evita's stuffs are sooo cool! I love them all, but unfortunately, I just have to choose ONE! Well, I don't want to talk much about it, it's time for you to check out and join her giveaway!

By the way, you know who's Evita Nuh right? I'm sure if you love fashion, you know her. She's the cute, talented and fashionable 11 years old girl. WOW!

Click at the picture below to read Evita Nuh's post about her giveaway! Check out, and join! Her stuffs are sooo damn cool!

Oh yeah, by the way, I choose it for this giveaway, a butterfly scarf, how cute

OK bloggey, thanks for reading my post and.... See ya!

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