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2:18 PM

Bloggey, this post is kinda sad post for me :'(

I can't stop this crying for 2 days, because I lost my dearest turtle, Rara. So, on Tuesday, I was playing with her in my backyard. As usual, I took my camera and then captured her, not only her, I capture everything I see. So, I'm not in focus with Rara, she's walking around the garden while I try to get a picture with a good bokeh. And yap! I got it, I've got that good picture BUT this sad story begin.

I don't know where Rara is, my backyard is quite large especially for a little turtle, so I called my mom and my little sister to help me find Rara, well actually my backyard and my neighbor's backyard is just separated by the bushes. So, it way TOO easy for Rara to go to my neighbor's and my neighbor's andmy neighbor's and wherever she wants ;'(

It's almost 3 days since Rara's gone. Still sad, still cry. I feel guilty, REALLY guilty, I should not took my camera so that I'm not losing my attention to Rara :'(


Everyday, until today I still looking for Rara. I ask my mom to told my neighbors about Rara, but no result until now. I'm scared if there's a cat or rat or.. snake (maybe) that eat the freash Rara. Oh God, please.. Beg you for Rara :'(

By the way, here's some pics of Rara.

The old picture of Rara

This is Rara in that morning. I don't know about the picture above. She leaves the camera. Does it mean something? No no no, it doesn't mean anything, right? :(

And the last picture of Rara before her gone, she looks at the camera! I thought that, she said something to me, but I don't know what, gaaah enough! I don't want to interpret something anymore.

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