Love the Patterns

10:00 PM

Check out the pattern, I love 'em all :D

No explanation why I love them HAHA :D

By the way, I'm currently looking at my music library and I think I miss the Jonas Brothers' old songs :( So now, I'm listening for their songs and it feels like back to the past, back to the time when I'm really really Freak Out about Jonas (I mean, I still their fans, but I'll act just as a normal person. You know? It's like.. not screaming when you saw them on TV or something, so I just screaming out in my heart) because yeah, I'm SO disappointed with Jonas, they just add their World Tour Schedule, BUT I just see the US Countries, no Asian, no Indonesia there. So I think they'd better give the title "American Tour"

Well, I'm begging the Jonas Brothers so much to add Indonesia on the World Tour Schedule. Please Jobro, Begging you so much! You've A LOT of fans here, don't you know uh? and remember about Indonesian Fansite too

And I still remember about my old picture. I edited it

Stilll a newbie, you know? HAHA

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