My Marvelous Trip

11:28 PM

Heyya bloggey!

Yeah I'm back from my trip to Singapore (well, no need to call it a trip, it's a Study Tour, actually -_-") But, I had soooo much fun! I spent my 5 days with my friends and my new friends on Siglap Sec. School, Singapore. Well, I won't write too much here, because, I know, you prefer to see the pictures than reading my post right. OK then, here's the pics. But I will share just SOME of the photos, because you know what? I've almost 700 photos HAHAH! umm.. If you wanna see those photos, you can check it on my facebook's photo album. There are 5 albums HEHE :D

Me and Nurin and Raidah, my really good new friends

See? The man behind us? He made this photo funny HAHA thank you sir, btw ;D

Well, this is me and my friends, we're on the way to Merlion Park. The view behind is Esplanade and the other buildings

Well, I've something great to tell you but on the next post :D

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